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Joint field ecology course UBD-University of Otago

Otago-UBD 2018 1




Editor’s Choice @Biotropica 47(5): Effect of Logging & Oil Palm on Stream Frogs on Borneo

by Emilio Bruna on February 11, 2016 in Editor’s Choice

Konopik, O., Steffan-Dewenter, I. and Grafe, T. U. (2015), Effects of Logging and Oil Palm Expansion on Stream Frog Communities on Borneo, Southeast Asia. Biotropica, 47: 636–643.

Fix for Frog's Nightmare



Devoted Dads: Why some male frogs care for their young

Limnonectes palavanensis with tadpoles 2



Dr Merlin Tuttle and Paula Tuttle from Bat Conservation International visit to take photos of woolly bats. Above: a woolly  bat emerging from a Nepenthes hemsleyana pitcher after taking a nap. Please visit for more details:



Islands in Time: A production of Terra Mater Factual Studios in co-production with National Geographic Channel and NDR Naturfilm/Doclights. Featuring woolly bats and pitcher plants filmed by Paul Reddish on location in Brunei. IWFF – International Wildlife Film Festival 2018 (Montana, USA): Best Environmental Film Episode 02. New York Festivals 2018 (New York, USA): Gold World Medal (Category: Nature & Wildlife)



National Geographic Wild visits my study sites in the rain forest of Ulu Temburong National Park and the peat swamp along Labi Road (click on image).

Nat Geo Borneo








Frog  science in Temburong rainforest (click on image)






Unterwegs im Regenwald:  dpa berichtet aus Brunei