Ulmar with harwickiiProfessor of Biology
Faculty of Science &
Institute for Biodiversity and Environmental Research
University Brunei Darussalam

PhD, Cornell University (1995)
Habilitation, University of Würzburg (2001)


Ulmar Grafe is a professor of biology at University Brunei Darussalam. He earned a Master degree at the University of Würzburg, Germany and a PhD degree in behavioral ecology from Cornell University, USA.  He has taught in various institutions around the world in a wide variety of subjects including biodiversity, animal ecology, animal physiology, immunology and parasitology. Prof Grafe is interested in understanding the functional role of amphibians in tropical ecosystems and human altered landscapes, the sensory ecology of frog-biting midges, the duetting behavior of tropical birds, the behavioral ecology of foot-flagging frogs and the mutualistic relationship between woolly bats and pitcher plants. His research has taken him to Ivory Coast, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Contact: grafe (at) biozentrum.uni-wuerzburg.de